By entrusting this vehicle to you, Europcar Moldova make a commitment to you and you to them, on the contractual terms and conditions of hire set out below, subject to force majeure as defined in Romanian Law.

Any deviation from these terms shall require prior consent in writing from the company.


The various notions to which there terms refer shall be construed in accordance with generally applicable law relating to leases.

The hire contract is made on a personal basis and may not be transferred.

“You”, “the hirer” means the drivers and payers mentioned in the hire contract and those signing it, who are deemed hirers.

“We”, “the company” means Europcar Moldova.

“The vehicle” means a passenger car or utility vehicle let to you for the durations agreed under the Rental Agreement.

“Damage” shall mean any damage to the vehicle including glass damage, which shall include lenses, mirrors and lights.

“Theft” of the vehicle shall include vandalism theft of accessories and attempted theft.

“Travelling abroad” Moldova is allowed in certain countries, conditions and costs according with Europcar Moldova & Romania insurance program at the beginning of your rental. You can travel abroad Moldova with a written authorization from Europcar Moldova. This authorization must be requested with at least two days, exempt weekends, before you want to pass the Moldavian border.



You are required to give us, with supported evidence, all the essential information to draw up you hire contract and in particular your identity, address, the category and date of insurance of your driving licence and the form of payment for your hire.

Any driver must have held for at least 12 months a currently-valid driving licence, corresponding to the category of the vehicle hired. He or she shall also be aged over 21 (the age required may be higher for certain categories of vehicle).

You will be required to make, at the start of hire, a pre-payment in the foreseeable amount of the hire bill, plus the deposit.


3-1 The vehicle’s conditions

A document describing the vehicle’s condition is attached to your contract. You agree to put on it in writing, before departing the station, any apparent damage not described. If not, you shall be deemed to have delivered a vehicle complying with the statement.

We are unfortunately unable to accept claims relating to apparent damage not reported at the time of departure. You must return the vehicle in the condition in which you received it. Any reconditioning costs by the hirer’s misconduct shall be added to the cost of hire, subject to the terms of the section “Optional contractual waivers”.

3-2 Use of the vehicle

You must never drive the vehicle elsewhere than Romania without a written authorisation of Europcar Moldova (see definition, Article 1). In accordance with the principal of personal penalties, you are responsible for the offences committed during the term of the hire. Accordingly, you are informed that your references may be notified to the police authorities on demand.

You undertake to use the vehicle in a prudent and reasonable fashion and in particular, without being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substance liable to be detrimental to your driving ability, as laid out in the Highway Code and in accordance with its intended use which, for a passenger vehicle, means mainly the carriage of persons on a gratuitous basis and for a utility vehicle, mainly the carriage of goods.

CAUTION: Impacts on the top and bottom body-work are not covered by the damage waiver, subject to proof of force majeure.

In particular, you may not use the rental vehicle:

*for rehire;

*for carrying passengers for hire or reward;

*to carry a number of persons in excess of that mentioned on the vehicles registration certificate;

*to take part in rallies, contests or trials, wherever located;

*to give driving lessons;

*to push or tow another vehicle

*on a road unfit for motor vehicle, or the surface or condition of which evolve risks for the tires or parts under the vehicle;

*to commit an international offence.

*driving the vehicle off roads, mountains, etc.

The goods and baggage carried in the vehicle, including their packaging and fastening shall not damage the vehicle or cause unreasonable risks for its occupants. When you park the vehicle, even for a short stop, you undertake to lock the vehicle and to use the alarm and/or anti-theft devices fitted to the vehicle.

You should never leave the car unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Failure to return the keys shall render the theft waiver void. In the event of damage or theft, you must forward to the company as soon as possible the accident report or receipt of theft report issued by the authorities, together with the vehicle’s keys and documents.

3-3 Maintenance – Mechanical problems

During your hire and according to the mileage run, you will be required to perform customary inspection (oil level in excess of 1000 kilometres, tire pressure, etc.) in accordance with reasonable and prudent use. The hirer shall remain alert to any signal from the warning lights on the vehicle’s dashboard and shall take any necessary protection, such as an emergency stop.

CAUTION: Article 3-2 lists minimum obligations to be observed during your custody of the vehicle.

The vehicle is provided to you with five tires in a condition meeting the traffic-legislation requirements. In the event of damage to one of them otherwise than by ordinary wear and tear, latent defect or force majeure, you undertake to replace it immediately at your own expense with a tire of the same size, type, brand and wear.

In the event of the mechanical breakdown or accident, you are provided with an assistant service, included in the price of the hire.

If the odometer has not run for a reason other than technical malfunction, the hirer shall pay for mileage on the basis of 500 kilometres per day.


4-1 Definition and computation

The renter agrees to return the vehicle to the company on the date specified by the hire contract, under penalty of civil and criminal proceedings. The hire duration shall be determined by indivisible period of 24 hours, starting from the time when the vehicle is made available; you are allowed, however, a 29 minutes tolerance at the end of the hire before a new period of 24 hours is applied.

If you wish to keep the vehicle beyond the duration specified in the contract, you are required to visit the Europcar departure agency as a priority, or otherwise, the Europcar agency specified by the departure agency (or, solely for rentals who are also holders of a EUROPCAR payment card, to the EUROPCAR station that will be indicated to you by your original check out station) and to pay supplementary fee and costs at each close of the hire contract.

4-2 End of the hire

The hire shall end upon return of vehicle, its keys and documents at the company’s counter, to a Europcar agent. In no event will you return the keys to persons present in the car parks and claiming to be Europcar agents.

In the event that the vehicle was to be returned without its keys, the cost of their replacement will be charged to the renter as well as bringing the vehicle back. Vehicle relocation will be charged with 0.50 EUR/km, (VAT included) to the nearest Europcar station.

The company shall bear no liability for property left in the vehicle at the end of the hire.

CAUTION: Only transfer of possession of the vehicle, documents and keys to the agent during the agency’s opening hours shall end the hire contract.

Reminder: You are liable until the end of the hire contract.

Exceptions: if the vehicle is confiscated or seized, the hire contract may be terminated as of rights as soon as the Company is informed by the judiciary authority or hirer.

Any use of the vehicle detrimental to the company shall be cause for the latter to terminate the contract as of right.

In the event of theft, the hire contract shall end upon delivery to the company of the complaint lodged with the appropriate authorities by the hirer. In the event of accident, the hire contract shall end upon delivery to the company of the accident report duly completed by the hirer and any third party involved.


Renter shall be jointly liable for the cost of hire.

The estimated cost of hire and services is payable in advanced. It includes the hire fee computed according to the prices in force at the time of the contract’s signature, any fees or costs for optional accepted by the hirer, the various contributions related to the supplementary insurance or waivers taken out, plus 20% which add the deposit and the evaluation of the fuel service specified in the Rental Agreement.

For payments made by bank card, only an authorization will be asked for at the time of hire. Upon return, the amount of the bill shall be charged automatically to the account corresponding to the card submitted, unless the hirer offers another means of payment accepted by the company.

The client accepts to be charged on the same account the amount of excess charges and other charges in case of damage or theft of the hired vehicle.

Beyond 30 days hire, an invoice shall be issued, and shall be paid immediately, even if the hire continues.

If the due date for payment stated on the bill exceeded, the hirer shall be liable, after notice, for late-payment interest on the amount due, at the legal rate plus a penalty of 0.1% per day over the due date of payment.

The hirer expressly agrees that failure to make a single payment when due or delinquency shall entail immediate maturity of all outstanding bills, and entitle the company to claim immediate return of vehicles currently hired. The customer will pay all invoices for closed Rental Agreements.

5-1 Applicable prices

The prices applicable to the hire, supplementary services, and optional waivers or insurance shall be those in force at the time of the contract’s signature, and based on the information you have provided (duration, return station, etc.).

Any change of such information shall entail application of a substituted price, mentioned in the brochure for the agreed price.

• Gasoline is not included in the Basic Rental rate. The Company rents vehicles fully tanked and the customer must return the rented vehicle with the same quantity of fuel and also, pays the missing fuel in the rented vehicle's tank at the check-in at a price of 1.20 EUR /litre + 25 Euro refuelling service charge (VAT included). Amount of the missing gasoline is stated on the closed Rental Agreement.

CAUTION: The customer is fully responsible for the rented car during his rental. Malfunctions caused by refuelling with improper fuel type will be charged with the amount of minimum 250 EUR from the deposit.

• The customer pays washing of extremely dirty vehicles (inside or outside) in the amount of 60.00 EUR (VAT included).

• The customer pays additional equipment Child Safety seat in the amount of 3.60 EUR per day, maximum 25.20 EUR per rental. Destroyed Child seat will be charged 120 EUR. Cleaning of very dirty Child seat will be charged 12.00 EUR.

• The customer pays snow chains in the amount of 1.20 EUR per day, maximum 18.00 EUR per rental. Replacement of damaged snow chains will be charged 60.00 EUR.

• The customer will cover full value of the damages which are not covered by Insurance Company, occurred on the following vehicle parts: wheels, wheel covers, undercarriage, rims, interior and radio.

• For Destroyed/ damaged tyre, the customer will be charged 240 EUR per piece.

• The customer will pay full value of the lost rented vehicle's key / alarm-key / vehicle’s documents 120 EUR per piece.

• The customer will pay the amount of 24.00 EUR for the lost vehicle's registration plate(s).

• For unauthorized return of the vehicle outside of Country border, customer will be charged for International One Way Rental regarding for the specific drop off Country.

5-2 Deposit

The deposit amount depends on the rented vehicle car group and the length of rental. The Hirer explicitly agrees to pay full rental charges at the check-in (end of rental).

If the hirer is not taken out waivers charge (theft and/or damage), the deposit shall amount to the hirer’s maximum liability, according to the category of vehicle made available, as specified in the Rental Agreement.

If the hirer has taken out waivers charge for damage (CDW mentioned or ticked on the contract) or theft (TW mentioned or ticked on the contract) only a deposit equal to the non-reimbursable excess charge in the event of theft or damaged will be required.

The deposit shall accrue to the company in the event of damage caused by the hirer or theft of the vehicle (subject to the contractual waivers specified below), to the extent of the damage suffered. If there is no damage and/or no theft, the deposit actually paid shall be refunded at the end of the hire, subject to the 21-day cashing period for checks.

5-3 Payment conversion

The renter who ejects to pay at the start of the rental with a credit card issued in a non- Euro billing currency has the choice to pay either in Euro, in USD or in MDL.

The choice may be amended by the renter at the time of check in, when requesting a printed invoice, otherwise the check- out choice is considered final.

If for whatever reason the conversion can’t be processed, the transaction will be submitted in MDL.


Customer is responsible for the rented vehicle, for the entire period. Consequently, in case of accident without identified third party, the customer must complete an accident report and submit it five (5) working days but no later than the return of the car to the Europcar desk.

In the event of an accident identified the implication of third parties and the possibility of using their insurance policy,   customer's responsibility will be reduced to a payment for the claim file / loss caused by the unavailability of the vehicle, in amount of EUR 120.

In case of theft of the rented vehicle, customer is responsible for replacement cost of the vehicle according with the responsibility of rented vehicle group only if delivered to Europcar within a maximum of two (2) working days car documents, its keys and the report issued by authorities.

If the conditions are not met the above, the customer is responsible for the entire value of the rented vehicle at the market price, updated in normal wear / age / features.

This liability shall be limited if you have taken out the basic / additional insurance which reduces waivers for damage or theft specified under Article 7.



All our vehicles are covered by a “Third-Party Liability” policy in accordance with legislation in force.


Any changes or addendums to this Rental Agreement are liable if signed by both parties. The contract’s print shall be stored on the physically unalterable medium. The parties agree that this image shall have the legal validity of an original document.


The Courts at the location of the company’s principal office shall have jurisdiction, to the extent permitted by law, over any dispute among tradespeople arising out of this agreement and which cannot be settled amicably.In order to exercise your right to access or correction, or in order to object to disclosure of your personal data particularly to other commercial companies, you may wright to:                                                                                             ICS “ACCES RENT A CAR” SRL

Blvd. Dacia 80/3

Airport Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

MOB:  +37369187010


Additional Rental Terms and Conditions - Europcar Romania

Basic Rental rate

Rental charge is calculated in EURO.

Basic Rental rate includes duration of rental, kilometres, Third Party Accident Liability Insurance up to the limit set by the country Law and the Compulsory Insurance with the Lessor's Insurance Company if differently not stated in the Rental Agreement.

 The renter is fully liable for all accidental damages to third parties up to the limit set by the law, caused by his fault.

Minimum charge of rental period is 1 day (24 hours). There is a grace period of 29 minutes, free of charge. After 29 minutes a full day will be charged at the rental rates agreed in rental tariffs.

Liabilities and Coverage

CAUTION: All these waivers apply only in Romania, during the terms of the hire contract.

In order to reduce your responsibility to the non-reimbursable excess charge amount, you may take out cover for the waiver charge for damage (“CDW” Collision Damage Waiver) mentioned or ticked on the contract and/or theft of the hired vehicle (“TW” Theft Waiver) mentioned or ticked on the contract, in consideration of a flat-rate payment per day of hire. Some of our prices include these waivers.

Third Party Liability – TPL

TPL (RCA) – covers you in case you cause damage to someone or something, including passengers and their property, when using rented car. This insurance is included in the rate. Insurance terms of the TPL (RCA) are not valid on the territory of countries that are not mentioned on the vehicle insurance policy (Green card).The renter will pay full value of all damages and losses caused by accidents on that territory.

Collision Damage Waiver - CDW

CDW - Coverage for accident and other collision damages on the rented vehicle.

Accepted CDW reduces, irrespective of fault, renter’s financial responsibility to the non-waivable amount for loss of or damage to the rented vehicle and its parts or accessories, except by or following theft or vandalism.
Regardless of whether CDW has been accepted or not, the renter is liable for full repair of the damage, if they have been caused by:

 Insurance terms of the Collision Damage Waiver are not valid on the territory of countries that are not mentioned on the vehicle insurance policy (Green card).The renter  will pay full value of all damages and losses caused by accidents on those territories.

Theft / Loss Protection Insurance – THW

THW - Coverage for total loss/theft of the vehicle.

Accepted THW relieves renter financial responsibility for loss of or damage to the rented vehicle by or following theft or attempted theft.
Please note that in the unfortunate event of an accident the nearest police station must be informed and an accident report must be obtained.
CAUTION: Both CDW and THW condition are applicable only if Police protocol and accident report are presented. If not, renter will be responsible even if accepted CDW and THW for all damages to the rented vehicle. CDW and TP are valid only in Romania. Insurance for driving outside Romania is subject to special condition and rates.

The renter explicitly accepts to protect all interests of us and our Insurance Company in case of traffic accident in such a way:

You are liable for all consequences and damages that the hirer may have and that arise from his negligence to obey to the rules set.

Insurance terms of the Theft/Loss Protection Insurance are not valid on the territory of countries that are not mentioned on the vehicle insurance policy (Green card).The Lessee will pay full value of the missing / stolen vehicle on that territory.

By accepting the CDW and THW, customer financial responsibility (Excess) will be reduced, irrespective of fault, up to maximum values mentioned below:


CAUTION: In case of accident / theft please contact the nearest Police station to obtain a police report. Failure to comply with this request shall cause the contractual waivers taken out to be voided.  

Additional Insurance – Medium Protection Package

Medium Protection Package (includes Super Collision Damage Waiver SCDW and Super Theft Waiver STHW)

By accepting and paying in addition the Medium Protection Package You can reduce your financial responsibility in case of collision damage and /or theft up to the maximum amount for the selected car group stated in the Excess amounts price list below.


For renting all groups of vehicles, customer should be in possession of a credit card accepted by Europcar. The cards accepted by Europcar in Romania are: American Express, Visa, Master Card, as well as payment cards issued in the international network Europcar. In cases where payment is guaranteed with a credit card, Europcar will temporarily block on customer’s credit card account equivalent of financial responsibility, according with the car group rented. On return of the rented car, after payment of all costs, Europcar will release the amount blocked on customer's credit card. The customer is required to pay all closed invoices.


Additional services - Price List

Additional services and fees

Airport tax- All cars rented at Europcar locations in airport are subject to surcharge of

18 EUR

Per rental

Additional Driver

4,80 EUR / day

Maximum 48,00 EUR / rental

Out of working hours

18,00 EUR

Charged on both Check-Out / Check-in

Child Safety Seat

3,60 EUR / day

Maximum 25,20 EUR /rental

Delivery / Collection within city limits

24,00 EUR

Per item, include 20 km

Cross Border Fee

54,00 EUR

Per rental

GPS -Mobile Navigation System

4,80 EUR/ day

Maximum 48,00 EUR / rental

Road Tax

1,20 EUR /day

Maximum 7,20 EUR / rental

Winterization Kit (snow tyres, ice scraper)

2,40 EUR / day

Maximum36,00EUR / rental

Extreme dirty vehicles (inside elements)

60,00 EUR

Cleaning Fee for upholstery / inside elements

Snow Chains

1,20 EUR /day

Maximum 18,00 EUR / rental

Destroyed / damaged tyre

240 EUR / piece

Replacement charge of tyre

Destroyed/loss of documents / car's key

125 EUR / item

Replacement charge

Destroyed/loss of car's plate number (s)

24,00 EUR

Replacement charge

Missing fuel

1,20 EUR / litre

+ 25 EUR refuelling fee

Other Rental Terms and Conditions

International One Way is not permitted. For unauthorized return of the vehicle outside of Country borders, renter will be charged for International One Way penalty in amount of 2400,00 EURO .

Value Added Tax (VAT) is 20% applied to total rental charges and is subject to change without prior notice. All charges stated in this document include VAT.


Blvd. Dacia 80/3

Chisinau Airport, Republic of Moldova





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